1. The campground is reserved for use by campers and their guests, who have duly registered in accordance with the laws on public security. Upon arrival, campers and their guests are requested to produce a valid identification document to management for registration and signing of the internal rules.
  2. Minors are only allowed if accompanied by a parent or adult relative; children must always be accompanied by an adult in the use of the toilets and shower areas. Management shall not accept liability or responsibility for any accidents caused to unsupervised children.
  3. Guests are allowed in the campground upon notification and with the consent of management. They can only enter on foot, their car must be parked outside without management accepting any responsibility. They must show their ID documents and the stay is free for the first hour, after which, the current daily rate will be charged allowing them to access the campground from 10.00am to 19.00pm.
  4. The rates applied remain the same as last year.
  5. Clients are required to pay the balance of their stay in a mobile home within 3 days of arrival. The mobile home shall be available to clients from 5.00pm on the day of registration and must be vacated by 10.00am of the departure day.
  6. Payment of the bill for renting a lot must be made preferably within the afternoon of the day prior to departure, by 6.00pm. The cash office opens at 10:00am. The lot must be vacated by 10.00am on the agreed day of departure. After this time, customers will be charged for an extra day.
  7. Campers who occupy a lot with their things or equipment will be charged the current daily rate for this lot.
  8. It is absolutely forbidden to erect any type of fencing; any unauthorised structures shall be removed without notice.
  9. The speed limit inside the camping ground is strictly 5 km per hour. Campers are obligated to observe the travelling direction.
  10. Customers must respect the quiet hours: the campground gates will be closed to traffic from 1.00pm to 3.00pm and from 11.00pm to 8.00am; therefore, campers who need to use their vehicle during these times are requested to park their vehicle outside the campground beforehand. During this quiet time, it is also prohibited to take part in any activity that may disturb others, such as noisy get-togethers or loud television or music. Our custodians shall make sure that these hours of quiet are respected.
  11. In any case, even outside these quiet hours, customers must not disturb others with loud noise and rowdy behaviour.
  12. Household linen and tableware must be washed in the sinks provided outside the hours of quiet.
  13. The customer is responsible for keeping the areas assigned to them clean and tidy. Waste must be closed in bags and thrown in the bins provided at the entrance of the campground. Glass, paper and plastic must be collected separately. Please do not disperse any waste into the environment. People who live at “Camping al Lago” love a clean environment.
  14. Any objects found in the campground and bathrooms must be handed over to management. Camping al Lago shall not be held responsible for the loss or theft of objects and personal belongings.
  15. Camping al Lago is not liable for damages to people or things caused by natural disasters, vandalism, or the falling of trees or branches.
  16. Management shall not be held liable or responsible for any accidents occurring inside the perimeter of the campground during sporting or leisure activities, unless caused by internal faults or negligence by the Camping al Lago staff. Any traumas caused, for example, by sporting collisions or accidental falls are not covered by insurance.
  17. Dogs must be kept on a leash. They must be accompanied outside the camping ground to do their “business” and owners are responsible for cleaning any mess they make inside the campground. Owners are personally responsible for any damage caused to people or things. Dogs are not accepted inside the mobile homes  with the exception of a very small pets with  unquestionable authoriozation of the management.
  18. In case of suspension of electricity supply by ENEL or water supply by BIM, management shall not accept any responsibility and is not liable to pay compensation for any damages caused to people or things.
  19. It is strictly forbidden to:
    • scatter or throw in the campground the contents of chemical containers, other liquids or waste in holes or containers that can be buried, including coffee grounds;
    • throw materials into the toilets that may clog the sewerage drains;
    • wash cars, caravans, boats, etc.

In case of early departure with respect to the booking, you are not entitled to any refund or discount, and the stay will be paid in full even if not used.

Management has the right to remove any guests from the campground who do not abide by the afore-mentioned rules.
The Management reserves the right to refuse admission
Due the Covid-19 the times are subject to change

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