In Tarzo, there is a lake facing the Veneto Prealps immersed in the delightful Prosecco Wine District and when the sun sets it looks like it is gently going out as it dives deep into the water.

The Stabilimento Balneare Lido Prealpino, with its playground, campsite and swimming pool, is right on the banks of this ancient glacial lake, in an area with a wealth of interesting ideas for tourists, from history to food and wine.

The waters of the lake are the consequence of the last glacial period, known as the Würm glacial stage, which started around 110,000 years ago. The glaciers melted to leave a single lake in the valley bottom, which over the centuries has taken on its current shape. Many findings in this area testify to the presence of human settlement as far back as the late Neolithic (around 6,000 years ago).


The Prosecco District, today nominated to become a Unesco World Heritage Site, covers20,000 hectares and includes fifteen municipalities and offer tourists surreal glimpses of vineyards clinging to steep hillsides. Over 1000 years of vine growing, continual dialogue between man and the environment that has always promoted the survival and preservation of a landscape that is one of its kind, as well as being linked to true maestros of the Italian Renaissance such as Bellini and Cima da Conegliano.

We are in the heart of the Alta Marca Trevigiana, an area well worth visiting and enjoying for its food and drink, wealth of history and culture and a huge range of ideas for excursions, trekking or other sports such as hang-gliding, mountain bike riding and canoeing.

For more info about historical, cultural, countryside and food/wine itineraries on offer in the area surrounding the Lido Prealpino, see:

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